CAP starts by giving you hope, and an escape from the seemingly hopeless downward spiral of heroin addiction. It restores order to the chaos of a life of addiction.  How to pay for your next hit? Where to score? These questions no longer dominate your everyday life.  Now my life revolves around family, health, work; normal concerns.  CAP has done this and more for me.  It has restored order to a life of chaos.  I cannot overstate how much of a positive impact CAP has been to me. I am thankful daily for CAP’s help. Thank you.”  
T. S.

“I have been a CAP patient since transferring from another clinic on August 1, 2005, and I must say that since then, many things in my life have changed.  Here is a sample of some of what has happened to me as a direct result of coming to CAP:

– I no longer need to live a “junkie lifestyle”.
– I attained gainful employment.
-I married a wonderful girl.
-I opened bank accounts.
-I purchased a car.
-I have a vastly improved relationship with my mother.
-My declining health stabilized and improved.

I have always been shown respect and courtesy from my counselors, doctors and nurses.  CAP also gives me the privilege of being able to come early, allowing me time to get to work and carry on with my day.  I also worked hard to get my pickup level as high as possible.

I mention all of this because recently, I “turned myself in” for taking my medicine when I was not supposed to, thus running out of medicine days before my two-week supply was to last me.  This was causing many problems in terms of purchasing methadone on the street from unsavory characters (felonious activity), straining my finances and upsetting my wife.  I even had to miss two days of work while I sorted this out with Karen (my counselor) and Dr. Showalter.

Despite this major step backwards and the unspeakable embarrassment of “coming clean” with Karen, the nurses and Dr. Showalter, I feel compelled to say that NOT ONCE have I been made to feel like a “loser”.  In fact, everybody has been so very kind, compassionate and understanding!  Karen even surprised me by saying that she was “proud” of me for turning myself in!

Once again, CAP proves to be a place where people like me can receive the help we need and never be made to feel guilty or ashamed of things we have done.  I just needed to put this in writing, and say “THANK YOU” to Karen (simply the best!), Dr. Showalter, Dr. Rose, Jenni, Sheila, LaDonna and Eric downstairs, Bill, Terry, Marion, Joe and Roshell upstairs, and everyone else who, though I may not know personally, I know you are behind me 100%!  I realize that you all put up with a lot from us patients, but CAP IS SAVING MY LIFE (and I am eternally grateful)!

With sincerity, respect, thanks and love,”

“I have been coming to CAP for almost 7 years now and I have been able to stay clean from day one. The staff goes above and beyond for the patients and that is rare. My counselor Laurel is a fantastic woman, she is always there for me.”
David I.

“The Center for Addictive Problems (CAP) provides the best professional quality care that I have been able to find in this country.  I am a very fortunate and grateful patient that has been able to successfully participate in the programs offered at CAP for nearly a decade now.  After years of adhering to the unnecessarily strict dehumanizing principles of state and private programs that subjected me to medical mismanagement and humiliation along with being treated like an untrustworthy no count drug addicted waste of life, I had had enough!  I began to seek out programs, organizations and professionals nationwide in an effort to find the help and treatment I so desperately needed and was entitled to as a human being.

In my search for care I hoped and prayed was available, I began to encounter many referrals by professionals, patients and organizations as well as finding articles in national well known advocacy group newsletters concerning a very successful program being pioneered and offered by a team of caring professionals that operated outside the traditional practices and parameters of the punitive and disrespecting programs in an effort to develop a far superior treatment program for the health and welfare of the patients at the Center for Addictive Problems in Chicago, Illinois.

I thank God I finally found a non-punitive program and the many caring professionals that enable me and many others to live a life as responsible and respectable adult human beings.  I am on a medication and dose that works very well for me and that allows me to function just as normally as any one of my non-afflicted peers, in many cases even better!  I am able to pick up my medication once a month like anyone else on any other type of medication.  I am able to give a urine sample without someone glaring at me while I do it.  I am even taken at my word, respected and trusted!  I am actually being treated like a respectable adult human being that has been afflicted with any other disease or malady!  This is the way it should be!  I am able to live a normal adult life now, living, loving, laughing and working! I am even able to go on extended vacations (because I only have to come in once a month!)

I know for the most of us that have been subjected to all the abuses of prejudices and discriminations in the majority of the so-called treatment programs out there, that what I am saying must be very difficult to believe and may seem only to be an unattainable dream.  But I have been where you are at, and there is hope!  Respectable, professional quality care is available!  It is available from those who are here at CAP!  Come and start a new life and get back what you have lost!”

“I have been a client at CAP Chicago for many years.  This is my second time at CAP.  I left in CAP 1984 and returned in 1997.  CAP has been a godsend.  They have many services available and because I am in treatment I am able to travel abroad and to many vacation spots.  I would never transfer to any other clinic.  The counselors are very professional and anyone that needs maintenance should consider CAP Chicago or Downers Grove.  They have the best hours of any of the clinics, too.” 

“Sick and in total despair I found CAP Chicago in the Yellow Pages…In order to truly succeed in this program, you have to really want it and I wanted it so bad it hurt. Along with my wonderful counselor and all of the amazing employees here, I’m over one year clean and sober and feeling good again.”

My 20 Years with CAP 

My wife and I started at CAP in May of 1989. Within the first 7 days of joining the methadone treatment program, we were able to stop using illegal opiates. Having to get up in the morning and drag our asses all the way downtown to medicate seemed really bothersome. However, the evening hours at CAP gave us the option to medicate after work. During the first week or so, before we were on a stable dose, my wife and I evaluated just how much money we had shot up our veins through the years as our habits had grown from $200 weekend binges to daily use. The stunning total was well over $40,000.

After a few months with the clinic we had earned the 3X a week pick up, later a 2X a week, then once a week, then every other week, all of which really helped make treatment more convenient. I have had several counselors during my 20 years with the clinic, and all have been great. Being in treatment with CAP has allowed us to stop wasting remarkable amounts of money on drugs, to keep our jobs and home, and to raise our son who is now 25 years old and doing well. My current counselor Marie has been a tremendous help. I think that the counseling attention is just as important as the medication, an ingredient that many other clinics lack.


“CAP demonstrates a commitment to patient care that makes me pleased to be a part of this team. CAP offers the top treatment for opiate dependence in an environment of respectful interpersonal treatment of patients. CAP is serious about saving lives and addressing the misery that comes from untreated opiate dependence. I am glad to be part of this vital work.” 
Joseph E.

“The Center for Addictive Problems (CAP) has consistently lead in advocating for adequate methadone dosing within the substance abuse field, and is highly respected throughout the United States and Europe in treating opiate addiction. Patients who are on an adequate dose of methadone have the best chance for discontinuing their illicit drug use. I believe CAP provides them with that opportunity.”
Bill P.

“The CAP staff works together as a team to facilitate treatment for patients from medical to psychological issues such as Hepatitis C and depression. We teach baby steps for problem solving and help patients achieve their goals of treatment by developing a solid foundation for improving their lives. Our staff are also advocates for patients in order to receive continued treatment when dealing with legal issues and educating other medical professionals to maintain our patient’s care while hospitalized.”
Annette B.

“Staff members at CAP respect people. Someone said, “The only time to look down on a person is when you are reaching down to help them up.” We strive to do that everyday.”  
Gloria S.

“I think that CAP provides our patients an opportunity for a fresh start. I’ve personally seen many patients turn their lives around through our program and go on to lead healthy and productive lives. I’ve been an employee for 3 1/2 years and have a lot of personal pride in knowing that CAP has helped change so many lives.”
Jeff B.

“During my time as a counselor at CAP, I have personally seen how methadone has changed the lives of our clients. I have seen people go from being homeless, in debt, unemployed, and incarcerated to people who acquire stable living situations, jobs, financial security, and legal freedom during recovery. I continue to hear our clients talk about how much better their experience has been at CAP versus other clinics, and I believe this has to do with the level of professionalism and care from our staff. I was not knowledgeable about the effects of methadone when I first started working here. I now understand the importance of this opiate addiction treatment in our society, and how important it is to educate others about how methadone works, and more importantly, why it works for so many people.”
Liz S.