“CAP demonstrates a commitment to patient care that makes me pleased to be a part of this team. CAP offers the top treatment for opiate dependence in an environment of respectful interpersonal treatment of patients. CAP is serious about saving lives and addressing the misery that comes from untreated opiate dependence. I am glad to be part of this vital work.” 
Joseph E.

“The Center for Addictive Problems (CAP) has consistently lead in advocating for adequate methadone dosing within the substance abuse field, and is highly respected throughout the United States and Europe in treating opiate addiction. Patients who are on an adequate dose of methadone have the best chance for discontinuing their illicit drug use. I believe CAP provides them with that opportunity.”
Bill P.

“The CAP staff works together as a team to facilitate treatment for patients from medical to psychological issues such as Hepatitis C and depression. We teach baby steps for problem solving and help patients achieve their goals of treatment by developing a solid foundation for improving their lives. Our staff are also advocates for patients in order to receive continued treatment when dealing with legal issues and educating other medical professionals to maintain our patient’s care while hospitalized.”
Annette B.

“Staff members at CAP respect people. Someone said, “The only time to look down on a person is when you are reaching down to help them up.” We strive to do that everyday.”  
Gloria S.

“I think that CAP provides our patients an opportunity for a fresh start. I’ve personally seen many patients turn their lives around through our program and go on to lead healthy and productive lives. I’ve been an employee for 3 1/2 years and have a lot of personal pride in knowing that CAP has helped change so many lives.”
Jeff B.

“During my time as a counselor at CAP, I have personally seen how methadone has changed the lives of our clients. I have seen people go from being homeless, in debt, unemployed, and incarcerated to people who acquire stable living situations, jobs, financial security, and legal freedom during recovery. I continue to hear our clients talk about how much better their experience has been at CAP versus other clinics, and I believe this has to do with the level of professionalism and care from our staff. I was not knowledgeable about the effects of methadone when I first started working here. I now understand the importance of this opiate addiction treatment in our society, and how important it is to educate others about how methadone works, and more importantly, why it works for so many people.”
Liz S.