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If you’re addicted to heroin or pain medication and want to regain control, contact one of Cap Quality Care’s three methadone clinics. Since 1976, Cap Quality Care has been providing our patients with the methadone treatment they need to overcome their addiction. Today, Cap Quality Care is one of the Chicagoland area’s most respected methadone clinics. We provide each of our patients with the support, medication, and structure they need to overcome their addiction. Our methadone clinics are license and accredited facilities that specialize in the treatment of heroin and pain pill addiction through methadone treatment and buphenorphine-assisted treatment. Our medical directors have received countless awards for excellence from patient advocate groups and addiction medicine professional organizations, at a domestic and international level. They are respected throughout the industry for their effective methadone treatments, but more so, because of their scientific research that shows that heroin and pain pill addiction can be stopped with the right methadone treatment. At Cap Quality Care, our methadone treatment works! Recently, we’ve been able to help a number of Downers Grove residents get the methadone treatment they need to overcome their addiction and we can help you, too!

Downers Grove Methadone Clinic

Downers Grove, Illinois is in an ideal location, just 23 miles west of downtown Chicago. Downers Grove resides in DuPage County and is a part of both, Downers Grove and Lisle Townships. Currently, Downers Grove is home to nearly 50,000 residents and over 7,000 businesses. With each year, these numbers continue to grow. Although, the crime rate in Downers Grove is low, the drug use rate in Downers Grove is on the rise. Each year, more and more young adults are becoming addicted to heroin and pain pills. If you or one of our loved ones needs help overcoming a heroin or pain pill addiction, you need to seek the help a methadone clinic. Luckily, Cap Quality Care is conveniently located in Downers Grove and is one of the areas most respected methadone clinics. We understand the drug problems that plague Downers Grove and how to best overcome them. Our methadone treatments are exactly that you or your loved one needs to overcome the addiction. With Cap Quality Care’s methadone treatment, you can finally beat your addiction once and for all!

Downers Grove Heroin Addiction

Overcoming a heroin or pain pill addiction is no easy task. It takes hard work, dedication, and the right treatment. Cap Quality Care’s methadone treatment is a long-term treatment that gradually helps you overcome your addiction. It starts with daily medication. Once on our methadone treatment, patient’s negative thoughts about their addiction diminish and the patient’s life tends to normalize and functioning increases, which includes caring for their families, working, achieving educational goals, and improving mental and physical health. Our methadone treatment provides you with a valid form of recover, in which, you can achieve a healthier and normal life. The longer you undergo our methadone treatment, less likely the addiction will resurface. If you want to beat your heroin or pain pill addiction once and for all, give us a call today or stop by our conveniently located methadone clinic in Downers Grove. We are looking forward to helping you improve your life, free from drug addiction!

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